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Basics of Banking

Basics of Banking

Banking | Hindi | Course Certificate

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In this section we introduce basic concepts of Banking in simple language. The videos explain banking’s ground rules. Series of videos in this section work as a Foundation Course. The purpose of this section is to simplify Business of Banking for anyone. The viewer will find that, against common belief, it is not necessary to have a specific educational background such as in commerce, accounting, economics or management (B. Com, CA or MBA etc.).

The purpose of this Basic Banking Certificate is:

  1. To create capability to apply / take up a job in BFSI
  2. If already there, to move up in the career by enhancing their job knowledge or clear their concepts
  3. To generate a lifelong desire to learn banking and financial services
  4. To give working knowledge of banking to the youth who are opting for entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship
  5. To familiarize the ones who find money matters ‘alien’ and get intimidated by the mere words such as ‘savings schemes’, ‘digital banking’ and complaining to Reserve Bank of India in case of deficient services.
  6. To keep upgrading one’s knowledge of BFSI

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