Learn Basic of Insurance – In this course, you will learn the foundation principles of Insurance, Risk Management and get
acquainted with the insurance terminology. This course will also help you to sit for exams
conducted by the Insurance Institute of India and the IRDAI by covering some of the topics in
the IC modules such as IC01, IC02, IC11, IC14, IC23 and IC28 to take up professions such as
Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship, Insurance Agent (Life/Non-Life), Executive Diploma in
Insurance Management and Corporate Agent. The video tutorials will only act as a supplement
to the notes that you have been provided by the institute.

Learn Basic of Insurance Course Description :

This course will examine how to examine risk, how it can be managed and hence the role of
insurance. As an introductory course, students will become familiar with a number of concepts
and policies that are found in personal and business application today. Students will also study
the structure of the insurance industry and the regulations that companies must abide by. We
will also delve into the concepts of general and life insurance and also discuss a few popular
products to understand their mechanics better.

Learning Outcomes:
On the successful completion of this course you should be able to:
• Comprehend and interpret financial planning information
• Prepare for Insurance exams by IRDAI and Institute of Insurance mentioned above
• Basic concepts of Life Insurance, General Insurance and Risk Management


Course Curriculum

How To Study at www.ursaminor.in
How To Study at www.ursaminor.in – English Details 00:00:00
How To Study at www.ursaminor.in – Hindi Details 00:00:00
Insurance: Career Options
BIS1U1 – Career Options in Insurance Details 00:10:29
BIS1R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
Introduction to Insurance
BIS2U1 – Introduction to Insurance Details 00:17:06
BIS2R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS2MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Insurance Market and Contract
BIS3U1 – Insurance Market and Contract Details 00:12:18
BIS3R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS3MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Insurance Regulations
BIS4U1 – Insurance Regulations Details 00:07:01
BIS4R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS4MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Life Insurance - Part 1
BIS5U1 – Life Insurance: (Part 1) Details 00:12:02
BIS5R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS5MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Life Insurance - Part 2
BIS6U1 – Life Insurance: (Part 2) Details 00:09:22
BIS6R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS6MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
General Insurance - Part 1
BIS7U1 – General Insurance: (Part 1) Details 00:11:15
BIS7R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS7MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
General Insurance - Part 2
BIS8U1 – General Insurance: (Part 2) Details 00:09:09
BIS8R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS8MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Financial Planning
BIS9U1 – Financial Planning Details 00:11:57
BIS9R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS9MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Actuarial Science
BIS10U1 – Actuarial Science Details 00:11:55
BIS10R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS10MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
Course Summary and a wrap-up
BIS11U1 – Summary Details 00:07:21
BIS11R1 – Reference Material Details 00:00:00
BIS11MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00

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  1. Excellent course to learn insurance


    This course helps us to understand the basics of Insurance which will help in career making, market study as well as financial planning basics. Thank you Preeti Ravi maa’m for this course. Appreciate your strong and effective voice.

  • 6,000.00 3,000.00
  • 3 Hours
  • Course Badge
  • Course Certificate
  • Language : Hinglish


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