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Certification and Job Opportunities

Minimum threshold for passing the examination and becoming eligible for certification for a single course or even for the "ENTIRE BASIC BANKING COURSE" is 80%. Let’s take an example of a module named ‘Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering’. This module is further divided into 5 video training sessions. After each section, there are around 30 MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions). One has to give right answers to at least 24 questions to pass this module and become eligible for a certification in ‘KYC & AML’. In case one falls short even by one mark, one has to study the videos again and clear the tests. The questions may vary this time as we have large repository of MCQs on every module.

We provide certificates to all those subscribers who have successfully completed their course modules and have exhibited the gained knowledge by passing the Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) test papers.

Even if a candidate fails once, he can revisit the video courses and can try MCQ based tests again. On successful completion, certificates are provided without the mention of the number of attempts one made.

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This repeated viewing is not meant to unnecessarily harass a candidate. The purpose of our courses is to provide the viewer good quality of banking knowledge. In fact, we appreciate those viewers who would fail multiple times. By repeat viewing they would learn the topic deeply.

The certificate is of value in the job market. Though our certificate is neither a visa nor a passport to a job, yet, many prospective employers (and the number is substantial) have been met with, given a presentation on our methodology and process of certification. The process has been found acceptable. Secondly, the certificate, which is a result of the candidates’ meritorious performance indicates the level of banking knowledge and the learning attitude of the participant.

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