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Knowledge of IT

Information Technology (IT) is the deliverer of all the services to the customer. Manual work is restricted to very few activities and even these remaining few are likely to be managed by IT in future. Lack of basic IT knowledge can push back a career, even otherwise brilliant in ‘Relationship Management’ and ‘Subject Matter Expertise’. The face of IT, has been changing continuously rendering yesterday’s technology irrelevant today. Yet, certain aspects of the technology have to be well mastered. These are:

Information Technology
  • Knowing the capabilities and the configurations of your computer (desktop or laptop) well.
  • Being able to understand the basic hardware and software terminology
  • Ability to save work files properly for an easy retrieval
  • Ability to send and manage e-mails properly for an easy retrieval, reminder and record
  • Managing passwords strongly
  • To have basic knowledge of the Information Technology Act 2000
  • To have a basic knowledge of applications loaded on the computer as well as on the smartphone
  • To be at least a basic user of social media
  • To be able to share, transmit and receive datafiles
  • To be able to work upon MS Office including MS Access
  • To be a user of net banking
  • To know how to use payment applications such as UPI, BHIM and Paytm
  • To be able to take timely back up of the data on the computer as well as of the smart phone
  • To know how to take printouts and photocopies
  • To know how to scan images
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