Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Ursa Minor?

Ursa Minor is a famous and sacred constellation which is well known in the Indian astronomy. We know it as ‘Sapt Rishi Mandal’. This constellation includes the famous North Star known for helping in navigation so that the traveller could find the right path.

We believe that we are engaged in a similar activity.

What Is

  • is an interactive, internet based portal. Here a student registers to become ‘Job Ready’ in the field of the BFSI sector. This is achieved by way of :
  • Learning ‘Fundamentals of Banking and Financial Services’
  • Learning ‘Basics of Insurance’
  • Learning fundamentals of MS Office
  • Learning ‘Soft Skills’ required to become ‘Job and Career Ready’
  • Interacting with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through our Chat Box
  • Weekly personal interactions with registered users through ‘Audio Bridge’

Our ‘Job Assistance Cell’ for those trainees who successfully obtain our Merit Certificate

What is Ursa Minor’s training methodology?

The medium of Ursa Minor Training is:

  • Digital, password protected and is secured network where your privacy is assured
  • On Line. The audio bridge and chat box communications are ‘Live’
  • Through Short Duration Videos followed by Tests
  • Tests comprise of Multiple Choice Questions which need to be attempted and passed
  • Work Place Method of training

Why have you chosen the BFSI Sector?

  • The promoters have experience in the BFSI sector and they believe that they have the capability of training and upskilling the youth in this sector.
  • A most significant reason is BFSI Sector being the driver of country’s economy
  • The sector is at the core of multidimensional growth of our nation
  • BFSI trained youth can be employed in most of the commercial business
    • Not only in Banks, NBFCs, Insurance Companies, On line Shopping and Fintech
    • But also in Manufacturing and Service oriented companies including education institutes
    • And in Consulting, Audit, BPOs, KPOs, Leasing, Chit Fund and Micro Finance businesses
    • In Hospitality, Malls, Multiplexes, Media, Entertainment
    • Plus in the Retail industry
  • In nutshell, any commercial business wherever there is need for Accounting, creating Receivables and Payables, Need for Banking Services

What is the need for Training in Technology?

  • BFSI and Technology Sectors are dependent upon each other
  • All the BFSI services are provided on Technology Platforms
  • It is important to learn basic technology use. Hence, the focus is also upon:
    • Microsoft Office (MS Office): Complete Suite
    • Digital Banking
    • Core Banking Solutions
    • Bank Websites

Why Should I not opt for Classroom Training?

The Advantages of Our Digital Training over the ‘Classroom Training’ are:

  • You can time your training schedule as per your convenience
  • You can choose the training curriculum as per your interest
  • Your friends and you can make a ‘Study Group’ to learn BFSI
  • You can pause, rewind or stop as convenient
  • You can take up any course multiple times
  • On line tests certify your involvement, absorption and learning graph, then and there
  • You can use Chat Box for an immediate resolution of your query
  • You save huge travelling cost and the time wasted in travelling
  • The cost of our training is a fraction of the Classroom Training Cost

As against the ‘Classroom Training’, we keep adding content without additional cost

How do I Choose A Suitable Course?

  • Please navigate through our website properly.
  • Spend some time and go through the course details.
  • The course content is written in detail. You might not need any help.
  • Still if you need help, please choose either banking or insurance.
  • In Banking, we have sub modules.
    • General Banking
    • Retail Banking
    • Wholesale Banking
  • Any single module can help you getting a job.
  • Study of all three will help you shape up as a proper banker.
  • Your chances will further improve if you study Soft Skills and MS Office too,

Why are the Training Courses in Hindi?

  • A vast number of our youth are educated but unemployable
  • Our purpose is to make them ‘Job Ready’
  • A vast majority of these youth come from little known towns and little known colleges and are more comfortable in learning in Hindi, mixed with English
  • This mixture is commonly known as Hinglish. Our medium is Hinglish
  • Hindi is also turning fast as a medium of business communication in India
  • However, terminology, technical terms and tests are in English
  • However, the mentors are comfortable in many languages and the specific questions can be answered in Hindi, Hinglish or pure English.

Do You Provide Job Guarantee?

  • Jobs are not on the basis of qualification alone
  • Every Job Seeker has to appear before a Interview Panel
  • All the Trainees with Merit Certificate should expect a Job Interview
  • Successful completion of training would enhance selection charges manifold
  • Our Job Placement cell helps individuals personally to face interview

What is the value of Ursa Minor training and certificate in the job market?

  • We have been regularly meeting the potential employers and briefing them about our concept, methodology, fairness of tests and awarding of certificates.
  • These prospective employers have given many suggestions and ideas regarding course content and course delivery which have been adopted.
  • This has resulted in credibility of our training and upskilling.
  • Many a potential employers have shown a desire to sponsor the certificate but we have decided to stay unaffiliated with any single corporate.

Is Ursa Minor into Classroom Training too?

  • Yes. We have affiliations with Start Up India as well as with Skill India.
  • We have been allocated a centre to teach BFSI to underprivileged youth under classroom training.
  • There is a separate wing of our company that imparts this training.

What is the basic qualification to learn banking from

  • Anybody who is not afraid of numbers and likes meeting people can become a banker. However, the Minimum Qualification is
  • 12th pass, preferably graduate
  • From any stream: Arts, Commerce or Science

Is run by an NGO? Who are the people behind it?

  • is not run by an NGO
  • This site is owned by a Company named Ursa Minor Consulting Private Limited.
  • It is ‘For Profit’ company incorporated under Companies Act’ 2013.
  • This company is incorporated and based in Mumbai under Start Up India mission.
  • The Founder of the Company is Divesh (Banker)
  • The co founders are Anjula (Industrialist), Krishnan (Banker), Zainab (Fintech), Kalpit (Educationist) and Rishabh (Banker)

Which browsers support

  • All popular browsers support the site equally
  • Additionally, operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows support our website
  • All hardware such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets support our website
  • The site is supported all across the globe

Digital Courses are Static. How do I get Updated Information?

  • We have regular blogs of short durations (2-5 minutes)
  • These blogs are topical, easy to understand and relevant

What should I do in case I am unable to connect?

  • Check your internet connection and internet speed
  • Ensure you are keying in the right ID and Password
  • Close all other sites and windows
  • Ensure there is sufficient memory available in your device
  • You should not compromise security of your account by sharing your password with anyone
  • Keep changing your passwords at frequent intervals
  • Please do not use multiple email IDs to create your account with us

How do I seek help from the admin?

  • Please write a mail to us at
  • Use only your registered email to write to us
  • All the mails are responded almost immediately
  • However, the outer response time is 12 hours

What is the sequence of site navigation?

  • A small demo video is appended below
  • Please view the video for an easy navigation of courses

How do I make payment for the course I buy?

  • As soon as you choose a course, you will be directed to ‘purchase the course’. Please click on that.
  • We use Paypal as our credible payment engine
  • You can pay using either credit / debit cards or netbanking
  • We accept all international cards including Rupay and netbanking of all Indian banks
  • We do not accept cash, cheques or drafts

Is your content downloadable?

  • The video content on our site is not downloadable
  • Same with the test questions (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • The written content (power point) is available for download to those candidates who successfully clear the respective test

How do I complain against any deficiency in your services?

How do I prepare for a Job Opportunity?

Preparation for a job should start during college days itself. However, the success plan should involve the following steps:

  • Always aim for a good job and gather needed domain knowledge and be ready
  • Take advise, discuss and plan along with one or two trusted people
  • Do not prepare in isolation
  • Write a well crafted resume and send to the relevant employers
  • Keep following up
  • Prepare well for the interview by rehearsing
  • Do not lose heart in case of rejection. Ask the reason for rejection
  • Work out on the areas where you have to
  • Try again
  • Our videos guide you on every step

Will I become a complete banker by learning from your website?

  • There is no end to learning. However, every moment of learning makes you a stronger and more competent person.
  • Hence, make learning a habit
  • Our website encourages you to learn more and more. It must excite you to be a keen learner of banking and finance.

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