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In order to get a job, one must first apply for the same, submit his resume and clear the interview stage.

In this module, let us learn how to make a resume and what all details makes it a perfect one!

With a good resume we get a call for an interview. In this module you will also learn the different types of Interview Process and the right ways to appear for any interview!

At the end of this module, you will get a grip as to what are the features that make a CV unworthy of attention. Also that not being called for an interview should not diminish their own self esteem.

From this module, you will understand as to why some CVs are acceptable while others are not. That –

  • A CV has a body and spirit on the lines of a human being.
  • A CV speaks more than a candidate would at the time of the interview.
  • A CV should not be allowed to be written by anybody else, but the candidate.
  • A CV has 3 parts namely: introductory, middle part and the conclusion.
  • Every CV has subjectivity and objectivity associated with it.
  • A CV should bring out as to what value the candidate will bring for the employer.

At the end of this module, you will also get a grip as to what are the features that are important in an interview and how one needs to present himself for the interview.

You will understand as to why some candidates clear their interview while others don’t. That –

  • Interview skills-Interpersonal skills
  • The different types of Interviews
  • Body language and its importance
  • Do’s and don’ts in an interview
  • How to communicate in an interview

Course Curriculum

About Resume
SSS1U1 – What is a Resume and How to make it? Details 00:09:18
Writing a Resume
SSS1U2 – How to write a resume and what all is a part of it? Details 00:09:50
Things to Remember
SSS1U3 – Do’s for a Resume Details 00:03:27
Let's discuss with an Expert Banker
SSS1U4 – What makes a good Resume by an Expert Banker Details 00:07:33
SSS1MCQ1 – Quiz 00:20:00
SSS1R1 – Reference Document Details 00:00:00
Preparation for an Interview Process
SSS2U1 – How to prepare for an Interview Selection Process Details 00:08:20
Dressing and Grooming for Interview
SSS2U2 – How to Dress and Groom yourself for an Interview Details 00:06:11
Preparation of an Interview Process (continued..)
SSS2U3 – How to prepare for an Interview Selection Process Details 00:08:29
Different Interview Processes
SSS2U4 – Which are the Different Interview Processes Details 00:07:11
SSS2U5 – Summary of Interview Skills Details 00:03:14
SSS2MCQ1 – Quiz 00:15:00
SSS2R1 – Reference Document Details 00:00:00

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  1. Very helpful


    Helped me a lot in preparing my resume for a job interview. I would strongly recommend this course to everyone.

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