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A Goal, small word with big actions! Setting a goal requires us to know why and what is a goal for. It is very important that the Goal motivates us to achieve it.

This module will also take us through How to set a goal, and also about SMART goals.

In this Module, you will learn the following –

What are goals?

Definition of goal setting.

Why goal setting is important?

What are the types of goals?

Benefits of goal setting.

Why set goals?

How to set goals?

What is a SMART goal?

Why smart goals are important?

Make your goal sheet (SELF)

Course Curriculum

Goal Setting Module 1 - Introduction
SSS3U1 – Introduction to Goal Setting Details 00:01:00
What is a Goal and Types of Goals
SSS3U2 – What is a Goal? Details 00:05:49
SSS3U3 – Types of Goals Details 00:06:08
Goal Setting Module 1 Summary and Q&A
SSS3U4 – Goal Setting Module 1 Summary Details 00:01:35
SSS3U5 – Q&A Details 00:05:50
SSS3MCQ1 – Quiz 00:10:00
SSS3R1 – Reference Document Details 00:00:00
Goal Setting Module 2 - Introduction
SSS4U1 – Introduction of Goal Setting Module 2 Details 00:01:08
Why one should set goals, actions to be taken and what happens if you set goals without action plan!
SSS4U2 – Why set a Goal? Details 00:06:52
SSS4U3 – Take Action! Set Goals! Details 00:01:23
SSS4U4 – Goals without Action Plan! Details 00:03:28
SSS4U5 – Turning Point! Details 00:05:34
What are SMART Goals?
SSS4U6 – SMART Goals Details 00:08:02
SSS4U7 – Recap and Summary of Module 1 and 2 Details 00:02:47
SSS4MCQ1 – Quiz 00:15:00
SSS4R1 – Reference Document Details 00:00:00

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