Bankers’ Code of Ethics is a set of acceptable voluntary and sometimes enforced behaviour. This Code of Ethics allows fresh talent to join, perform and progress in the organisation. A Code of Ethics is mandatory for Bank’s ecosystem as it allows individuals, teams and the system to function smoothly without any bias, discrimination, pride and prejudice.

In absence of this ethical behaviour, the organisation would soon become dysfunctional hurting everyone’s interest and prospects for growth eventually resulting in an irrevocable damage.

While the employees’ Domain Knowledge, their mastery of IT and cultivation of Soft Skills play a substantial role in the financial success, it is the internalisation of the Code of Ethics that determines the longevity of an organisation.


Course Curriculum

How To Study at
How To Study at – English 00:00:00
How To Study at – Hindi 00:00:00
Code Of Ethics
BCOES1U1-Sanctity of Passwords 00:00:00
BCOES1U2 – Sanctity of Passwords-Part2 00:00:00
BCOES1U3-Sanctity of Your Signature-Part1 00:00:00
BCOES1U4-Sanctity of Your Signature-Part2 00:00:00
BCOES1U5-Sanctity of Your Signature-Part3 00:00:00
BCOES1U6-Customer Confidentiality-Part1 00:00:00
BCOES1U7-Customer Confidentiality-Part2 00:00:00
BCOES1U8-Internal Confidentiality 00:00:00
BCOES1U9-The Task Assigned to You is Assigned to You 00:00:00
BCOES1U10-Treat Your Female Colleagues With Highest Dignity 00:00:00
BCOES1U11-Never Offer A ‘Favour’ 00:00:00
BCOES1U12-Never Seek A ‘Favour’ 00:00:00
BCOES1U13-No Interference in Anyone’s Work 00:00:00
BCOES1U14-Do Not Offer Any Unsolicited Advice 00:00:00
BCOES1U15-No Unauthorised Use of Institutional Assets 00:00:00
BCOES1U16-No Irrelevant Communication 00:00:00
BCOES1U17-Be Courteous and Attentive 00:00:00
BCOES1U18-No Exhibiting Your Religious or Political Affiliations 00:00:00
BCOES1U19-Learn to Say ‘No’ 00:00:00
BCOES1U20-Don’t Be Boastful 00:00:00
BCOES1U21-While at Work, Be at Work 00:00:00
BCOES1U22-Work Life Balance 00:00:00
BCOES1U23-Your Performance Is Your Passport 00:00:00
BCOES1U24-Share Appreciation 00:00:00
BCOES1U25-Accept Criticism 00:00:00
BCOES1U26-Keep Your Physically Fit 00:00:00
BCOES1U27-Keep Yourself Mentally Agile 00:00:00
BCOES1U28-You are known by the company you keep 00:00:00
BCOES1U29-Seek Clarity Till You Get It 00:00:00
BCOES1U30-Be A Learner 00:00:00
BCOES1U31-Keep Updating Your Domain Knowledge 00:00:00
BCOES1U32-Don’t Show Interest In Rumours 00:00:00
BCOES1U33-Stay in Touch With Your Supervisor 00:00:00
BCOES1U34-Don’t be a Pretender 00:00:00
BCOES1U35-Be Disciplined 00:00:00
BCOES1U36-Keep the Communication Channels On 00:00:00
BCOES1U37-Keeping Record 00:00:00
BCOES1U38-No Eavesdropping 00:00:00
BCOES1U39-Be Process Oriented 00:00:00
BCOES1U40-Telephone Etiquette Is Important 00:00:00
BCOES1U41-Wear a Smile. And a White Shirt 00:00:00
BCOES1U42-Listening is more important than speaking 00:00:00
BCOES1U43-Neither a Lender Nor a Borrower be 00:00:00
BCOES1U44-Avoid Staring Into Computer Screens 00:00:00
BCOES1MCQ1 – Quiz 00:31:00

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  1. Course was very self explanatory


    The course was very self explanatory, The instructor has deep knowledge of the subject very much happy with the curriculum.

  2. Brilliant


    Got to learn many new things

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